April 1, 2001 Brashear, Missouri


Reading Cadre News

Once again we are asking for book donations to start a small outreach library in the elementary. If you have any free time and would be interested in reading with a child, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sherrill Schlimpert from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will be at our school on April 19, 2001 at 6:00 p.m. to meet with parents. We will be meeting in the cafeteria. She will be discussing the benefits of a balanced reading program. If time allows in your busy schedules, all elementary parents are encouraged to attend. Even though we all know how important that reading is to our children, she will give you some statistics that are unbelievable. She is very upbeat and I am sure that you will enjoy your evening.

Book Fair News

The book fair was a huge success with a total of $1,453 made. Each elementary teacher got to spend $98.36 for books and materials to be used in their classrooms. The Third Grade received an additional $50 for having the biggest percentage of parents at PTS. Thanks to everyone who worked the book fair and to all of the parents who purchased books and other items. We appreciate all you do.

Ann DeRosear



On April 12, 2001 the title programs (Title I, II, IV, VI) will be meeting to evaluate each program and plan for next year. If you have any complaints or suggestions, please feel free to attend the meetings. Your opinions are important to the program. They will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the elementary gym.


The time for ordering yearbooks is rapidly passing. Personalized yearbooks are no longer available, however, regular yearbooks may still be purchased. Orders received through April 30 will be $32. Yearbooks ordered on or after May 1 will be $34.


The Adair County R-II annual spelling bee was conducted on March 21, 2001. Participating contestants were: 5th grade: Ashley Schneiderheinze, Alexis Longano, Christina Scudder, Jeremy Clay, and alternate: David Anderson; 6th grade: Andrea Reeves, Brandon Claybrook, Bridget Clarkson, Amanda Mills, and alternate: Seth Wheeler; 7th grade: Cody Baringer, ChaRae Cole, Stefanie McKim, Nathan Osborn, and alternate: Nathan Shaver; 8th grade: Bruce Bishop, Danny Clarkson, Brooke Salter, Morgan Shahan, and alternate: Holly Hazen.

The first place winner is Andrea Reeves daughter of Matt and Cheryl Reeves. The second place winner is Bridget Clarkson daughter of Ken and Holly Clarkson. The third place winner is Jeremy Clay son of Darrin and Marilyn Mihalovich. Andrea received a gold medal and fifteen dollars from PTS, while Bridget received a silver medal plus ten dollars, and Jeremy was awarded the bronze medal and five dollars.

Thank you PTS for providing for these excellent spellers.


We just completed another season of Academic Bowl. The high school squad ended the regular season with 4-4. The junior high team ended regular season play 5-3.

At the Conference tournament, the high school squad was eliminated after the second round; however, the junior high squad survived three rounds. Congratulations to Kate Slavin and Alicia Longano for finishing in fifth place on the high school and junior high conference academic bowl teams respectively.

Members of the high school squad included Ben Bradley, Kelly Moore, Kate Slavin, Chelsie Potter, Shaina Mountain, and Amanda Mantlo. Rachel Turner served as the statistician.

The members of the junior high team were Brooke Crandall, Holly Hazen, Alicia Longano, Jared Osborn, Jeremiah Osborn, Katie Thudium, Chase Cole, Morgan Shahan, and Brent Platz.

The Varsity District Meet will be held at North Shelby School on April 7.


On behalf of the Music Department, I would like to thank all of our patrons and friends who contributed to the Share The Joy With Music campaign. With your help, we collected 4,332 Pepsi Notes and have ordered two pairs of bell mallets, a 25 ft. microphone cable, an electronic tuner, and a 71 key electronic keyboard with General MIDI and computer interface capabilities. These items would total over $1,000 if purchased in the traditional manner and we would most likely not have the funds to purchase them. Our new items should arrive within the next six weeks. Again, many thanks!

Rhonda Harrison


Thirty-four Brashear Music students participated in the District Music Festival held March 22 and 23 at Truman State University in Kirksville. These musicians took part in various vocal and instrumental small and large ensembles as well as solo performances. Our large ensemble, the Brashear Junior/Senior High Band earned a State Level Excellent (II) Rating for their stage and sight-reading performances. Three solo performances and three small ensembles earned Excellent (II) ratings at the District level. They were Vocal Soloist Kate Slavin performing "Loveliest of Trees" and "Far From the Home I Love"; Clarinet Soloist Kelly Moore performing "Aria from Mireille"; Flute Soloist Kate Slavin performing "Air and Dance"; Saxophone Trio members Brooke Crandall, Jennifer Shahan and Katie Thudium performing the "Allegro from Concerto Grosso Opus 3, No. 4"; Flute Trio members Leslie Beck, Morgan Shahan and Kate Slavin performing "Allegro Giocoso" and Clarinet Trio Members Kelly Moore, Chassie Potter and Meghan Salter performing "Minuet and Trio". Some of these and other soloists will perform in the annual Spring Fling Concert and Arts Show on Thursday, April 5 at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Gymnasium.

Ten Sixth Grade Vocalists will join over 100 sixth graders from other Northeast Missouri schools in the Annual NEMO District 6th Grade Choir Festival at Central Christian College in Moberly on April 3. They will rehearse a variety of selections from "Mozart" to "Pasta" and even "A Little Blues" during the day and perform in concert at 7:00 that evening. Brashear students participating are: Chelsey Collop, Megan Conn, Kimberly Elsea, Kayla Hettinger, Amanda Mills, Kayla Moots, Amanda Powell, Andrea Reeves, Shanea Rusk and Patricia Woods.


The following students have received recognition for their accomplishments during the 2000-2001 basketball season. Zac Erwin was voted Tri-County Conference MVP. First Team All Conference honors were received by Trevor Mills, Nathan Kelsey and Amber Dailing. First Team All District honors were received by Amber Dailing, Zac Erwin and Trevor Mills, while Nathan Kelsey received second Team All District honors. In addition to the above honors, Zac Erwin was also named to the Missouri 1A Boys All-State Basketball Second Team.

Congratulations to George Keller on placing 2nd in district competition at the VICA contest. He will advance to the state competition at Warrensburg in April.


Tuesday, April 3, 2001 is Election Day. Patrons of the Adair County R-II School District will be voting to elect two school board members. Angie Perry, incumbent Brenda Kelsey, Kelley E. Church and Brent Hettinger have filed. A sample ballot appears below.

MAP testing begins April 9 and will continue through May 11.


What makes one student successful in school while another can make only modest gains? Often we see only the successful student's innate talents as the answer. We think that if someone is not blessed with talent, there is no amount of hard work that can make a difference. However, studies have shown that this is not correct - there is more to success than talent. In fact, the reason for most success is often good old-fashioned hard work. In his book Developing Talent in Your Children, Benjamin Bloom reported the results of a five-year study that was undertaken to discover what made some people extraordinarily successful. The study consisted of detailed research into the lives of 120 of the nation's top artists, athletes, and scholars.

Bloom was surprised to find that natural abilities played only a small part in the development of those individuals. As children they were often mediocre musicians, baseball players, or math students, but Bloom found that they possessed a powerful drive to succeed. They practiced the piano hours every day, rose at 5:30 every morning to swim, or spent hours alone working on science projects. Parental support was also a key factor. The parents of the successful individuals had exposed their children to great ideas and influential persons, and many had made sacrifices to ensure that their children received necessary training.

A few years ago a survey was conducted. Parents were asked, "What do you think contributes to a student's good grades - effort or intelligence?" American parents were inclined to think intelligence was the deciding factor. Japanese parents were inclined to think effort was the deciding factor. What do you think?

Opportunity for success often comes as the result of hard work. We need to instill in our children and students the importance of hard work. The story is told of a young man walking down the streets of New York. He stopped a lady and asked, "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" The woman answered, "Practice, practice, practice."

We all need to remember success is hard work. This is true in the classroom and in life.

Dr. Joyce Montgomery



Kindergarten registration and pre-school screening has been set for May 1st and 2nd, 2001. On May 1st ONLY the Adair County Health Department Nurses will be here to administer immunizations. For your child to start school they will need the following immunizations:

  1. DTP/DT/Td - 4 doses - last dose on or after fourth (4th) birthday. Pertussis is required for all students six (6) years of age and younger.
  2. Polio - 3 doses - Last dose on or after fourth (4th) birthday. If a combination of IPV/OPV is received, four (4) doses are required.
  3. Measles - 2 doses - On or after first (1st) birthday. At least twenty-eight (28) days must separate the two doses.
  4. Mumps - 1 dose - On or after first (1st) birthday.
  5. Rubella - 1 dose - On or after first (1st) birthday.
  6. Hepatitis B* - 3 doses

If your child needs any of these immunizations please schedule your appointment for May 1st, otherwise you will be responsible to take your child to the Health Department or to your personal physician to update their shots. To register your child for kindergarten you will also need the following items.

  1. birth certificate
  2. immunization records
  3. Social Security Number

We will begin scheduling appointments immediately. Please call the school at (660) 323-5272 and ask for the elementary office. Karla Hettinger or Ann DeRosear can set up an appointment .



Breakfast each day includes cereal, milk, juice or fruit. New regulations mandate the main entrée for the day must be placed on each tray (designated by * in daily menu).


Monday: Breakfast pizza/Yogurt or Barbecued chicken on bun*, french fries, green beans, fruit tart

Tuesday: Pancakes/Yogurt or Lasagna*, corn, lettuce, peas, jello

Wednesday: Biscuits & gravy/Yogurt or Ham*, potatoes, peas, fruit, no bake cookie

Thursday: Toast, yogurt/Yogurt or Country fried steak*, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, fruit salad

Friday: Egg & cheese burrito/Yogurt or Fish*, macaroni & cheese, fruit, cake

APRIL 9-13

Monday: Waffle/Yogurt or Garlic cheese bread*, corn, spinach, fruit, cookie

Tuesday: Ham/Yogurt or Spaghetti*, meat sauce, slaw, fruit, brownies

Wednesday: Toast, yogurt/Yogurt or Tenderloin on bun*, baked beans, vegetable sticks & dip, apple crisp

Thursday: Biscuit, sausage/Yogurt or Nachos*, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, ice cream


APRIL 16-20


Tuesday: NO SCHOOL

Wednesday: Pizza bagel/Yogurt or Pizza*, corn, beets, fruit, cake

Thursday: French toast/Yogurt or Turkey & noodles*, hot rolls, cottage cheese, peas, fruit

Friday: Toast, yogurt/Yogurt or Sub sandwich*, green beans, fruit, brownies

APRIL 23-27

Monday: Waffle/Yogurt or Mr. Ribb*, baked potato, green beans, mixed fruit

Tuesday: Breakfast pizza/Yogurt or Tacos*, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, fruit tart

Wednesday: Biscuits & gravy/Yogurt or Chicken patty*, french fries, vegetable sticks, fruit, jello

Thursday: Donut/Yogurt or Beef tamale pie*, corn, slaw, fruit, cookie

Friday: Muffin/Yogurt or Hot dog on bun*, potato salad, kraut, fruit, brownies


Monday: Breakfast bagel/Yogurt or Chicken pot pie*, biscuits, lettuce, fruit



2Atlanta JH Track Meet T4:00
2Baseball w/ Novinger H5:00
3Kirksville JH Track Meet TTBA
5PTS Meeting - Spring Concert/Art and H7:00
Industrial Arts Display
6Baseball w/ Atlanta H5:00
7District Academic Bowl Tournament at North Shelby TTBA
9Busy BeesH 9-11:00
9Schuyler County JH Track Meet T4:00
9Baseball w/ Macon County H5:00
10Baseball w/ North Shelby T5:00
117th Grade to Jefferson City
12Title Programs Evaluations & Planning H5:30
14NEMO Varsity Relays at Kirksville T9:00
17Baseball w/ MilanT 5:00
18Baseball w/ Wyaconda T5:00
191st Grade Field Trip to Knox County
19Linn County Relays - Varsity & JH T9:00
203rd Grade Field Trip to Kirksville
20Brookfield Varsity Relays T10:00
20Red Cross Blood Drive H2-6:00
21Art Club Field Trip to Kansas City
23Busy BeesH 9-11:00
23Author NightH 6:30
23Baseball w/ Knox County H4:30
24Atlanta Varsity Relays at Kirksville TTBA
25Business Classes to Harley Davidson in Kansas City
26 Green City Relays - Varsity & JH TTBA
27 NHS/Student Council Drug-Free Activity Night H7-10:00
28Conference Track Meet - Varsity & JH TTBA
30Baseball w/ LaPlata H5:00

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