February 1, 1999 Brashear, Missouri


This year we have had six candidates file for the three available positions on the Adair County R-II School Board. Those who have filed include incumbent Mary Magruder, Kenneth Crandall, Monte Fisher, Douglas Clarkson, incumbent David Aldridge, and Mark L. Moyer. Remember to vote on Tuesday, April 6, 1999 in the general election for your local Board members.

If you are not a registered voter, the last day to register to vote in the general election is Wednesday, March 10.


As I sit here at my computer, I find it simply amazing that another year has begun. Where did 1998 go, and why so fast? Often my mind wanders back to the days of my youth. I recall the schools and educators who played such major roles in my development. The heart of a good educational system lies in its people. It takes people who are willing to put in hours of work to create successful schools.

During the week of January 25-31, 1999, communities across the state honored the dedicated service of the public boards of education during School Board Recognition Week. The goal was to build awareness and understanding of the important function an elected board of education plays in communities and schools.

Our staff wants to express their thanks to the following board members who serve the Adair County R-II School District: Frank Collop, President; Rex Sykes, Vice President; Mary Magruder, Secretary; Brenda Kelsey, Treasurer/MSBA Delegate; David Aldridge, Russell Noe, and Eddy Turner.

As citizen advocates, individual board members face a complex and often demanding job; yet, too few people fully understand the scope and far-reaching implications of their responsibilities. They play an important role in preserving the ideal of local control.

When was the last time you expressed your gratitude for the important role these men and women play in the education of our children? If you can't remember, maybe a thank you is long over due. Many of our school children expressed their thanks by creating thank you cards and presenting them to our board members.

We salute the public servants of the Adair County R-II School District whose dedication and civic responsibility make local control of public schools in our community possible.


Since sponsorship for the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee is no longer provided by any local newspapers we would like to announce that PTS will sponsor our local spelling bee. The contest will take place on February 24 at 2:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. Cash prizes will be awarded. First place will receive $15.00, second place will receive $10.00 and third place will receive $5.00. Parents and the public are welcome to attend.


The Adair County R-II 70th Annual Invitational Tournament will be held from Monday, February 1 through Saturday, February 6 at the Brashear High School gymnasium. We will host seven teams: Clark County JV, Douglass, Newtown-Harris, Novinger, Revere, St. Thomas Seminary and Wyaconda.

The tournament brackets are included with this mailing so you can find game times, etc. The girls format will consist of pool play with two divisions of three teams. The Orange Division will consist of the 1,4, and 5 seeds and the Black Division will consist of the 2, 3 and 6 seeds. The two division winners will play for 1st place, the two division second place teams will play for 3rd place and the two division third place teams will play for Consolation. The tie-breaker for a two-way tie will be head to head and for a three-way tie it will be total points allowed for two games.

The admission fees for the tournament games are $2.00 for students, $3.00 for adults, and $8.00 for family admission. Family is defined as parent(s) and child(ren) only. We hope to have good community support, as we always have, for the tournament games.

We also ask you to remember our tournament is centered around winning, as is true in any competition. More important than winning, however, is the attitude with which the athletes and fans approach the game. As fans we must do our best to set a good example for those around us. Cheer for your favorite team in the spirit of the game and leave the officiating to the professionals who are trained for the task. We wish for each team to play their best, and may the best team win.



Breakfast each day includes cereal, milk, juice or fruit. New regulations mandate the main entree for the day must be placed on each tray (designated by * in daily menu).


Monday: Biscuits & gravy/Chicken patty*, green beans, sweet potatoes, fruit, cookie

Tuesday: Toast w/ jelly/Garlic cheese bread*, corn, beets, fruit, jello

Wednesday: French toast/Country fried steak*, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, fruit

Thursday: Sausage/Turkey & noodles*, cottage cheese, peas, fruit, rice krispie treat

Friday: Scrambled eggs/Fish*, macaroni and cheese, slaw, fruit, cake


Monday: Pancake/Pizza*, corn, beets, fruit, cake

Tuesday: Donut/Hamburger on bun*, tater wedges, carrots, fruit, cookie

Wednesday: Ham/Chicken nuggets*, green beans, macaroni and tomatoes, fruit

Thursday: Biscuit w/ jelly/Nachos*, chips, lettuce, tomatoes, brownies

Friday: Muffin/Beef stew*, corn bread, white beans, slaw, apple crisp



Tuesday: Breakfast pizza/Tenderloin on bun*, baked beans, carrots, fruit, brownies

Wednesday: Waffle/Ham*, potatoes, peas, fruit, jello

Thursday: Scrambled eggs/Turkey*, gravy, corn, fruit, hot rolls

Friday: Sausage/Chili or vegetable soup*, crackers celery/carrot sticks, fruit, cookie


Monday: Pancake/Sub sandwich*, corn, beets, fruit, cookie

Tuesday: Ham/Tacos*, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, fruit, pudding

Wednesday: Donut/Roast beef*, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, fruit

Thursday: Biscuit w/ jelly/Spaghetti*, meat sauce, lettuce, fruit, brownies

Friday: French toast/Toasted ham & cheese*, green beans, hominy, fruit


1*2* 3*4*5*6*
78*9* 10*1112* 13
1415*16* 17*18*19* 20*
2122*23* 24*25*26* 27

1-6Adair County R-II 70th Annual Invitational Tournament TBA
8Evenings in Education H7:00
9Basketball w/ Marion County T6:00
10NHS InductionH 2:30
12Basketball w/ Atlanta T6:00
15NO SCHOOL - President's Day
16Group PicturesH 9:00
16Basketball w/ Bucklin H6:00
1710th Grade ASVAB
17-205th and 6th Grade Basketball Tourney HTBA
19Basketball w/ Novinger T6:00
22Academic Bowl w/ Linn County T4:00
23Basketball w/ North Shelby T6:00
24Local Spelling Bee H2:00
25Basketball w/ Canton H6:00
26Basketball w/ Macon County H6:00
26Senior Recognition Night
26Homecoming Dance

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