JANUARY 1, 2009 Brashear, Missouri




The Annual Performance Report (APR) shows the district’s status on the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) Performance Standards.  For all districts, the APR is intended to serve as an annual status report on the MSIP Performance Standards and as a planning tool for improvement efforts.  The report is intended to further assist districts as they refine improvement plans for all students. 


The APR allows us to know where we are in the “eyes” of the state department and it provides us with insight on the direction we need to take for the future.

The report measures the district in each of the following categories.  Each of the Performance Measures for K-12 districts will be designated either “Met” or “Not Met” according to the published Scoring Guide for that school year. 


MAP Grade 3-5 Mathematics  Met

MAP Grades 3-5 Communication Arts Met

MAP Grades 6-8 Mathematics             Met  

MAP Grades 6-8 Communication Arts Met  

MAP Grades 9-11 Mathematics           Met  

MAP Grades 9-11 Communication Arts           Met  

ACT    Met

Advanced Courses       Met

Career Education Courses        Met

College Placement        Met

Career Education Placement     Met

Graduation Rate           Met

Attendance Rate           Met

AYP Subgroup Achievement    Met


14 out of 14 performance standards were met as criteria for the Missouri School Improvement Program through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 

We are very pleased to have achieved this high mark.  As pleased as we are with these results, we know that there is still room for improvement and we plan to look closely at the results and make plans to address areas of need.




Upon recommendation from our insurance provider, the board adopted a more strict policy towards cell phones and digital cameras.  Although it wasn't as strict as our insurance provider suggested it did strengthen it from last year's policy.  The noticeable difference from last year is that parents have to come and pick up the cell phone or digital camera.  As with anything, students will push the limits.  What we have seen on the rise are students sneaking their phones out to check or send text messages.  Please help us by reminding your child to keep his/her cell phone turned off and keep it stored away during the instructional day.  If your child is caught with his/her cell phone, you will be required to pick it up.  We will not return it to the student.  We understand that this is a major inconvenience to some parents, so please impress upon your child not to use his/her cell phone at school.




Breakfast each day includes milk and juice.  The following items are offered daily for students to choose from in lieu of the main entrée: yogurt or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


January 5-9

Monday: Cereal, toast/Nachos, lettuce, vegetable, fruit, no bake cookie, milk

Tuesday: French toast sticks, syrup/Country fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, peaches, cake, milk

Wednesday: Breakfast pizza/Grilled cheese, soup, vegetable, fruit, cookie, milk

Thursday: Egg omelet, toast/Taco casserole, lettuce, refried beans, fruit, pumpkin bar, milk

Friday: Pop tarts/Stuffed crust pizza, corn, fruit, jello, pudding dessert, milk


January 12-16

Monday: Donut, fruit/Chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese, vegetable, fruit,  cookie, milk

Tuesday: Biscuit & gravy/Walking taco, refried beans, vegetable, fruit, cake, milk

Wednesday: Breakfast bites, syrup/Pepperoni hot pocket, french fries, vegetable, fruit, rice krispie treat, milk

Thursday: Cinnamon roll/Mr. Ribb, mashed potatoes, vegetable, fruit, cheesecake, milk

Friday: Sausage, toast/Corn dog, tater tots, vegetable, fruit, brownie, milk


January 19-23


Tuesday: Egg omelet, toast/Tenderloin, cheesy potatoes, vegetable, fruit, cookie, milk

Wednesday: Pancake, syrup, sausage/Sub sandwich, chips, soup, carrot sticks, fruit, brownie, milk

Thursday: Breakfast pizza/Spaghetti, garlic bread, vegetable, fruit, cottage cheese, pumpkin bar, milk

Friday: French toast sticks, syrup/Chicken and cheese crispito, lettuce, vegetable, fruit, pudding dessert, milk


January 26-30

Monday: Long john, fruit/Nachos, lettuce, vegetable, fruit, brownie, milk

Tuesday: Waffle, syrup, sausage links/Chicken patty, macaroni & cheese, vegetable, fruit, no bake cookie, milk

Wednesday: Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast/Turkey roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, peaches, chocolate cake, milk

Thursday: Biscuits, gravy/Hot ham and cheese, tater tots, vegetable, fruit, peanut butter square, milk

Friday: Breakfast bites, syrup/Pizza, corn, fruit, jello, ice cream, milk




Travis Freeman for his donation of a 4-panel folding tabletop display and 7 panels with velcro backing to the art room.


Dennis & Diane Bradley for their donation to the scholarship fund in memory of Paul Hill.


Kelley and Jackie Church for their donation to serve the needs of our students.




  Yearbooks are available at a reduced cost of $45 through January 31.


Effective February 1, yearbooks  will cost $55.


All yearbooks purchased after February 28 will cost $60.


Purchase your copy today!




More than 300 Missouri school districts have qualified for the state’s “Distinction in Performance” award on the basis of their academic achievements and progress during the last school year (2007-08).


In all, 330 school districts – compared to 295 last year – earned the coveted award, which is presented annually by the state education department.  Of this year’s recipients, 278 are K-12 districts; 52 are K-8 districts.  There are 523 public school districts in the state.


“We are gratified by the steady increase in the number of districts meeting the high standards for this award,” said Stan Johnson, assistant commissioner of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


“Teachers and school officials throughout the state are definitely focused on meeting these standards, and we are seeing the results of that effort.  To earn this award, a district must be doing well, or making consistent progress, in all areas of academic performance.  Parents and patrons should be proud if their school district has earned this honor,” Johnson said.


The Distinction in Performance award is based on the 14 academic performance standards that are the basis of the state’s accreditation program for all school districts.  The standards are based on scores from the state-mandated MAP tests, graduation rate, attendance, ACT scores, and other indicators.


To qualify for the award this year, K-8 districts had to meet 6 of the 7 performance standards that apply to these districts, including all of those based on the results of MAP tests.  K-12 districts had to meet 13 out of 14 standards, including all of the MAP-based measures.


Under the state’s accreditation program, each school district is evaluated at least once every five years.  Since it is based on the same standards as the accreditation program, the Distinction in Performance award provides an annual confirmation of a district’s status and state-level recognition of its overall performance.


Article found on DESE website at




Sometime after February 2, 2009 the bridge over the North Fork of Salt River on Route 11 and the bridge over the South Fork of Fabius River on Route J will be closed for repairs and should reopen by October 1, 2009.  If the construction company begins work before the end of school this could drastically change the way the northern routes (Teri & Lonnie) are ran.  We are currently working on ways to reroute the buses, but keep in mind this will cause longer bus rides for some students and will also affect the hard surface route pick up points.




State law (Section 160.522) requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to produce an annual school accountability report card about each school district, each school building and each charter school in the state.  The reports are designed to satisfy state and federal reporting requirements for the disclosure of statistics about students, staff, finances, academic achievement, and other indicators.  The information is compiled from data reported to the Department by local school districts.


The 2007-2008 district report card is now available at:


If you would like a copy of this report card, contact the district office at 323-5272.














































1-2 No School

5 Classes Resume

5 Busy Bees—Here 8:30-11:00 a.m.

6 Varsity Basketball w/ Atlanta—Here 6:00 p.m.

7 Daisy/Brownie Girl Scouts Meeting—Here 3:00-5:00     p.m.

8 Varsity Basketball w/ Marion County—There 6:00 p.m.

9 Varsity Basketball w/ Schuyler County—Here 6:00 p.m.

10 District Band Rehearsal and Concert at Moberly—There TBA

12 Busy Bees—Here 8:30-11:00 a.m.

12 Varsity Basketball w/ Scotland County—Here 6:00 p.m.

13 Lunch w/ the Principal K-1 (November Winners)

13 Student Council Dodge Ball Tournament—Here 3:30-5:30 p.m.

14 Lunch w/ the Principal 2-3 (November Winners)

15 Lunch w/ the Principal 4-6 (November Winners)

15 Varsity Basketball w/ LaPlata—There 6:00 p.m.

16 Early Dismissal—Teacher In-service—12:45 p.m.

16 Varsity Basketball w/ Bevier—There 6:00 p.m.

17 Junior High Honor Band Auditions at Macon—There TBA

19 No School

19-24 North Shelby Basketball Tournament—There TBA

20 Lunch w/ the Principal K-1 (December Winners)

21 Lunch w/ the Principal 2-3 (December Winners)

21 Daisy/Brownie Girl Scouts Meeting—Here 3:00-5:00     p.m.

21 PAT Parent Round Table Discussion—Here 6:00-7:00 p.m.

22 Lunch w/ the Principal 4-6 (December Winners)

26 Busy Bees—Here 8:30-11:30 a.m.

27 Varsity Basketball w/ Green City—Here 6:00 p.m.

30 Varsity Basketball w/ Canton—There 6:00 p.m.

30 Elementary Awards Assembly—Here 2:45 p.m.




Thank you for attending the Christmas Program!  I hope everyone enjoyed the show.  Anyone who did not pick up a program or who would like extra copies can contact Mr. Haupt.  


Donate your old, unused instruments to the Brashear Band Program.  Think of it as a nice Christmas present!


There are a few Brashear Band 2008 t-shirts left.  Talk to Mr. Haupt if you are interested in purchasing one.


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