November 1, 2006 Brashear, Missouri


This fall several businesses and organizations have pooled their resources to make improvements on the existing "Eat Shack" for our softball/baseball field.

A 10 X 16 foot addition will extend the east side of the building to make additional room for serving customers and to free up some space in the kitchen and work area.

We would like to thank the following businesses and organizations for their generous donations of time and/or money.

Brashear Baseball Softball Association

Brashear Booster Club

Todd Bleything

Tom McKim & Crew

Gordon & Motter Construction, Inc.

Roger Thompson

Bruce Hamlin

Larry Ledford

Mickey Hays, P.E. Jepson Lumber

Benny Hays, Kirksville Concrete

Brandon Claybrook

Luke Lunsford

Brandon Gordon


With the holiday seasons quickly approaching, we are grateful for the opportunity to familiarize you with the Annual Adair County Adopt-A-Child Christmas Program for Adair County children.

The annual Adopt-A-Child Christmas program is sponsored by the Kirksville Fire Department, KTUF Radio Station, and the Adair County Family Services office. This program is designed to provide a special Christmas gift for some 300+ children in Adair County ages 0-16 who otherwise, in some cases, might not have a gift.

Adair County children whose families qualify for food stamps are eligible for the program. To sign up, stop by the Adair County Family Services office located at 1412 North Osteopathy in Kirksville or call (660) 785-2440 by December 8, 2006. The party dates will be announced closer to the event in December.

Further questions may be directed to Teresa Attebery at the Kirksville Fire Department by calling (660) 665-3734.


All Tiger-Pride families should be looking for this year's first newsletter which will be sent in your child's planner. Ask your kids about the special small prizes they can earn if their family reads the newsletter! Thanks to all those who attended our "Lights On After-School" event! We fed approximately 50 people and hope that the fall decor created by the children has warmed your homes! Our slide show, featuring beautiful photography of the Tiger-Pride children, was a big success and we still have Kodak-Quality photographs for sale as well as copies of the slide show for only $5.00. Contact Mrs. Kerby or Mrs. Bradley for details! Our theme for November and December will be the Arctic. We will be having more special events and services for the families of our enrolled children and so look forward to working with you!


Breakfast each day includes milk and juice. The following items are offered daily for students to choose from in lieu of the main entrée: yogurt or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

November 1-3

Wednesday: Sausage, toast/Garlic cheese bread, lettuce, cottage cheese, peaches, cake, milk

Thursday: Breakfast burrito/Chicken nuggets, chips & cheese, green beans, pears, cookie, milk

Friday: Sausage pancake on a stick/Chili cheese dog, potato wedges, apple, pudding, milk

November 6-10

Monday: French toast sticks, syrup/Mr. Ribb, baked potato, mandarin oranges, cookie, milk

Tuesday: Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast/Tacos, refried beans, lettuce, peaches, brownie, milk

Wednesday: Muffin, fruit/Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, strawberries, white cake, milk

Thursday: Biscuit & gravy/Hot ham sandwich, potato chips, vegetable, fruit, cheesecake, milk

Friday: Cinnamon roll/Grilled chicken patty, cheesy potatoes, vegetable, fruit, rice krispie treat, milk

November 13-17

Monday: Egg omelet, toast/Pizza pocket, corn, peaches, jello, no bake cookie, milk

Tuesday: Breakfast pizza/Country fried steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, apple crisp, milk

Wednesday: Cereal, toast/Grilled cheese, soup, vegetable, orange, fruit tart, milk

Thursday: Sausage, egg, biscuit/Beef stew, corn bread, brown beans, fruit, spice cake, milk

Friday: Breakfast bites on a stick/Nacho pie, lettuce, strawberries, white cake, milk

November 20-24

Monday: Long john, fruit/Chicken & noodles, mashed potatoes & gravy, hot rolls, green beans, peaches, milk

Tuesday: Pancake, sausage/Chicken patty, macaroni & cheese, vegetable, fruit, cookie, milk

Wednesday: Cinnamon roll/Pizza, corn, fruit, ice cream, milk

Thursday: No School

Friday: No School

November 27-30

Monday: Biscuit & gravy/Tenderloin, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, fruit, cookie, milk

Tuesday: French toast sticks, syrup/Spaghetti, bread stick, green beans, cottage cheese, rice krispie treat, milk

Wednesday: Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast/Ham & cheese hot pocket, chips, vegetable, fruit, pumpkin bar, milk

Thursday: Muffin, fruit/Baked potato bar, fruit, jello, pudding tart, milk


Beverly McKim for donating Crispin, Island of the Aunts/Secret of Platform 15, Midnight for Charlie Bone, and Charlie Bone and the Time Twister

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bradley for donating The Visitation by Frank Peretti in memory of Dylan Perkins

Steve Harvey for donating Guinness World Records 2007 and Tractors of the World

Brashear School for

donating Out of My Mind

by Andy Rooney

in memory of

Robert Whitesides


Celebrate Children’s Book Week November 14-17 at the Adair County Public Library! Tri Sigma hosts the weeklong event More Books Please! Truman State University students will present a special story hour each day, Tuesday thru Friday, beginning at 4:30 p.m. This event is open to all children ages 2-12. Join in the fun!












































2 JH Basketball w/ Linn County—There 6:00 p.m.

3 Picture Retakes—Here 8:00 a.m.

4 Freshmen/Sophomore All-District Choir Rehearsal & Concert at Moberly—There Concert will begin at 7:00 p.m.

4 JH "B" Basketball w/ LaPlata—There 10:00 a.m.

6-11 Atlanta Junior High Basketball Tournament—There TBA

6 Busy Bees—Here 8:30-11:00 a.m.

10 Early Dismissal-Teacher In-service—12:45 p.m.

11 HS All-District Band Auditions at Moberly—There 9:00 a.m.

13 Busy Bees—Here 8:30-11:00 a.m.

13 Evening in Education/Reading Week Kickoff—Here 6:00-7:00 p.m.

15 Lunch w/ the Principal K-1

16 Lunch w/ the Principal 2-3

17 Lunch w/ the Principal 4-6

20 Busy Bees—Here 8:30-11:00 a.m.

20 Girl Scouts Meeting in the Cafeteria—Here 6:30 p.m.

21 Varsity Basketball w/ Marion County—There 6:00 p.m.

22 Early Dismissal—12:45 p.m.

23-24 No School—Thanksgiving Vacation

27-December 2 Novinger Tournament—There TBA

27 Busy Bees—Here 8:30-11:00 a.m.


US Savings Bonds offer a low-risk and modest return investment for saving for your children's college education. Series EE Savings Bonds and Series I Savings Bonds offer special tax benefits when used for qualified education expenses.

Savings bonds are very safe investments, since they are backed by the full faith and credit of the US government. Principal and earned interest are safe and cannot be lost due to market changes, because Savings Bonds are not marketable securities. Savings bonds are registered with the US Treasury Department, and can be replaced at no cost if lost, stolen or destroyed.

Education Bond Program

The Education Bond Program makes the interest on certain savings bonds tax-free when the bonds are redeemed to pay qualified higher education expenses or to roll over into a section 529 plan.

Eligible bonds include Series EE Bonds issued after December 31, 1989 and all Series I Bonds. Series HH bonds are not eligible. Bonds purchased before 1990 may not be exchanged for bonds issued later to make them eligible.

The bond owner must be at least 24 years old on the bond issue date (the first day of the month in which the bonds were purchased). Parents can purchase bonds for their children, but the bonds must be registered in the parent’s name. The child cannot be listed as a co-owner, but may be listed as a beneficiary. You can also purchase bonds for your own education, in which case the bonds must be registered in your name.

You can find more information on this topic at


Our softball and baseball teams recently completed their fall seasons. Christina Scudder was selected to the All-Conference 1st Team. Hailee Kelsey, Carmen Woods, Matt Thomas, and Jacob Shipman were selected to the All-Conference 2nd Team and Jessi Hill and Kale Watson were selected for the Honorable Mention Team. Christina Scudder and Hailee Kelsey were also selected to the All-District Team.

Five singers from Brashear participated in the 2006-07 Tri-County Conference Choir Tour on Monday, October 23. They joined other students from eight schools that rehearsed together for four hours on Sunday, the 22nd before performing on tour at Macon County, Bucklin, and Linn County. Those students participating were Destiny Ferdig, Stephanie Linhart, Heather Longano, Elizabeth Owings, and Sydney Slavin.

Congratulations to Stephanie Linhart on being selected to the NEMO All-District Freshmen/Sophomore Choir that will rehearse and perform on Saturday, November 4 in Moberly.

The following students have been nominated as top Christian Athletes of their classes. To be considered, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA, participate in athletics, and be a Christian. Students honored include: Seniors Ashley Clarkson, Tyler Killen, Amanda Powell, Andrea Reeves, and Seth Wheeler; Juniors David Anderson, Josiah Belzer, Jessi Hill, Hailee Kelsey, Christina Scudder, and Kale Watson; and Sophomores Courtney Clarkson, Brandon Gordon, Adriene Mountain, Jacob Owen, Caroline Slavin, and Kiley Watson.


Last week, your students MAP and Terra Nova test scores were sent home with your students. All students that were in grades 2-8 and 10-11 last year, should have received scores. If you did not, please let us know. Overall as a district, we did very well and are very pleased with our students. We've met our goals and are rewarding students K-12 with a fun day on Friday, October 27. Elementary students will have the opportunity to watch a movie, do crafts, play computer games, etc. High School students will have a volleyball tournament, movie room, game room, etc. Great job Students and Teachers!!

Several teachers will be using individual test scores with their students in their classes. Our hope is that students will be able to look at their scores in detail to determine where their strengths and weaknesses are. If you do not want your student to receive a copy of their scores in class, please let us know.

In late September, students in grades 6-11 took the Stanford Achievement Test. Seventh and second grades took the Otis Lennon School Ability test as well. These scores are in and will be sent home with your child within the next week. Be on the look-out for them and again, let us know if you don’t receive them.


Red Ribbon Week is a week we set aside each year to teach students and remind them of the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Students participated in themed dress-up days throughout the week as well as different drug-free activities. Check out the elementary newsletter to see a complete list of daily activities they participated in. On Wednesday, the HS students were visited by the Grim Reaper every 15 minutes throughout the day. This program was designed to help students see some of the consequences related to drinking and driving as well as all the different people it affects. Students that are part of Student Council and NHS volunteered to be selected to "die" every 15 minutes throughout the day. By the end of the day, approximately 28 students were selected to be victims of an alcohol related accident. Parents wrote obituaries for their students and there was an all high school assembly at the end of the day where a variety of alcohol scenarios were read as the victims lay on the floor.


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