Adair County R-II School District


October 2002 Newsletter











The Board met on September 17 and opened bids for the construction and renovation of the elementary addition.  The following bids were accepted for consideration:


CONTRACTOR                     TOTAL BID

PSR Construction               $1,125,000

Grooms & Co. Construction            $1,134,000

Irvinbilt Company                    $1,156,000

Whiston Construction, Inc.            $1,265,000

Sparks Construction               $1,293,600


On Thursday, September 19, 2002 the Adair County R-II District School Board voted to award the contract for General Construction to PSR Construction. 


Project Manager for PSR Construction is Terry D. Smith.  For the past 19 years, he has had the responsibility of managing various projects.  Mr. Smith’s experience consists of a well-rounded construction background.  He has worked as a carpenter, foreman, superintendent, and most recently as an estimator and project manager.


On-Site Superintendent will be Dannie Rhoads.  For the past 27 plus years, Mr. Rhoads has been in charge of daily operations of which his main duty is overseeing the field staff, project coordination and some estimating.  Mr. Rhoads has experience as a carpenter, foreman, and superintendent.


A formal “Notice to Proceed” has been issued and construction is projected to begin around the first of October.  We are excited about the prospect of watching this construction project as it unfolds. 





On September 11, 2002, fire, ambulance, law enforcement, and military personnel were invited to the school for a school-wide assembly to honor and thank them for their service to our community.  All persons living in our school district or somehow connected to our school that hold these positions were invited to attend.  Of the many invited, the following community members attended:  David Hardwick, Floyd Owings, Julia Owings, Scott Seek, Bill Peterson, Michael Holcomb, Cathy Peterson, Ron Peterson, Dep. Jeff Gottman, Sgt. Brent Bernhardt, Keith Turner, Dep. Ryan Crandall, Travis Montgomery, Kendall Peterson, and Mike Cameron.  Those who were unable to attend were James Garrett, Dave Cameron, David Rigdon, Jesse Turner, Joey Magruder, Heidi James, Michelle Taylor, Bob Taylor, Dave Reed, and Ofc. Sara Holzmeier.  The Elementary and High School Student Council sponsored the assembly.  Those in attendance received framed certificates of appreciation for their service.  We want these people to know how much they are greatly appreciated by our school.  Thank you for all that you do everyday!

Mrs. Grissom






Sixty-seven students who scored proficient or advanced on the Spring 2002 State MAP assessment in the areas of communication arts, math, science, social studies, and health & physical education were honored this fall.


Those students receiving awards during the September PTS meeting were:


ADVANCED MAP 2001-2002


James Scudder------------------ Science

Daniel Smith------------------ Social Studies

Matthew Thomas------------------ Social Studies/Math

Tabitha Killen------------------ Math

Anthony Chambers------------------ Health/P.E.

Courtney Clarkson------------------ Health/P.E.

Caroline Slavin------------------ Health/P.E.

Kiley Watson------------------ Health/P.E.

Bridget Clarkson------------------ Communication Arts

Brock Dodsworth------------------ Social Studies




Chris Brogan------------------ Science

Stephanie Elsea------------------ Science/Comm. Arts

Shelby Mills------------------ Science

Cortney Moncrief------------------ Science/Comm. Arts

Melissa Rusk------------------ Science

Amber Story------------------ Science

Dakota Walker------------------ Science/Comm. Arts

Abigail Wheeler------------------ Science/Comm. Arts

Emily Osborn------------------ Communication Arts

James Scudder------------------ Communication Arts

Sydney Slavin------------------ Communication Arts

Trever Bunch------------------ Social Studies/Math

Devin Dobbins------------------ Social Studies/Math

Tabitha Killen------------------ Social Studies

Katie Stewart------------------ Social Studies/Math

Anthony Ambrosia------------------ Math

Daniel Smith------------------ Math

Amber Alexander------------------ P.E./Health

Brantley Carroll------------------ P.E./Health

Brandon Gordon------------------ P.E./Health

Dakota Hayden------------------ P.E./Health

Justin Hazen------------------ P.E./Health

Hunter Higgins------------------ P.E./Health

Anthony Kirkpatrick------------------ P.E./Health

Paige Longano------------------ P.E./Health

Adrienne Mountain------------------ P.E./Health

Jacob Owen------------------ P.E./Health

Joshua Owen------------------ P.E./Health

Sarah Rivest------------------ P.E./Health

Jacob Sweet------------------ P.E./Health

Tyler Blake------------------ Communication Arts

Ashley Clarkson------------------ Comm. Arts/Science

Chelsey Collop------------------ Communication Arts

Kimberly Elsea------------------ Communication Arts

Tyler Killen------------------ Communication Arts

Amanda Mills------------------ Communication Arts

Amanda Powell------------------ Communication Arts

Brandon Maggart------------------ Math/Social Studies

Kale Moore------------------ Math/Social Studies

Kellie Primmer------------------ Math/Social Studies

ChaRae Cole------------------ Social Studies

Danielle Eggelston------------------ Social Studies

Stefanie McKim------------------ Social Studies

Nathan Osborn------------------ Social Studies

Tiffany Owen------------------ Social Studies

Danny Clarkson------------------ P.E./Health

Bill Elam------------------ P.E./Health

Holly Hazen------------------ P.E./Health

Danielle Lowe------------------ P.E./Health

Jeremiah Osborn------------------ P.E./Health

Brent Platz------------------ P.E./Health

Brooke Crandall------------------ Math

Brock Dodsworth------------------ Communication Arts

Amanda Mantlo------------------ Communication Arts

Shaina Mountain------------------ Communication Arts

Nicole Peterson------------------ Communication Arts

Sarah Wheeler------------------ Communication Arts




As the winter season approaches, we are reminding parents and students to listen to the local media stations to check on “early dismissals” and/or “no school” bulletins.  This information will be given to KTVO television, KHQA television, WGEM television, KIRX radio, KTUF radio, KRXL radio, KRES radio of Moberly, KMEM radio of Memphis, and KZBK radio of Brookfield.  These stations will present dismissal information as soon as decisions have been made.  Please do not call the school.




Due to health, safety and liability issues, the PTS kitchen (includes kitchen area and popcorn machine) will be restricted to workers 14 and over.  Children under 14 will not be permitted in the kitchen and popcorn area at any time.  If workers under 14 are used in these particular areas the organization will not be allowed to work any additional games unless a schedule of proper workers is submitted and followed.  Workers will need to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water each time they enter the kitchen work area.  A minimum of four (4) adults must be present at all times while selling food.  Kids under 14 are encouraged to bus tables.  PTS is trying a new set up for the kitchen to help accommodate these policies.


We appreciate your cooperation and apologize if these conditions create any hardship on your organization/classroom.  We hope you will be patient with us while we are trying out a new set up.  If you have already signed up for a game and don't feel you can follow this policy, please give us at least 2 weeks notice so another organization can take your place.  If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Robin Taylor 323-2828, Elaine Scudder 665-0198 or Brenda Killen at 627-3976. 




Carolyn Whitmore, from Chesterfield, MO —

donated a subscription to

The Smithsonian


Kathy Erwin — donated honorarium as graduation speaker to the library


Thanks to the following people for helping to reset the scoreboard and freshen up the ball park:

Kenneth Crandall

Curtis Gordon

Brad Smith

Brent, Shirlene, Josh, & Travis Hettinger

Doug & Danny Clarkson

Darrin Mihalovich

Donald Thompson

Lonnie, Kim, Brooke, & Shelby Salter

Mike Elam

Eddy, Carla & Katie Stewart

Katie Thudium

Todd, Traci, Jessi, &

Chance Hill

Brenda & Hailee Kelsey




Flu shots are expected to be available at the end of October or the beginning of November.  Please contact school nurse Sheri Turner if you are interested in receiving a flu shot.




The Adair County R-II Library Media Center is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Patrons of the district are encouraged to visit the library before 10:30 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m.  After hours are available by appointment only.






Congratulations are in order for the 2002 Conservation poster winners.  The contest was held last spring for students in 3rd through 6th grade.


This year’s honors go to Emily Osborn, Daniel Smith, Matthew Thomas, Christina Scudder, and Megan Taylor!  Daniel Smith was the overall winner in the 3rd and 4th grade division.  His poster will advance to the state competition.




Breakfast each day includes milk and juice.  The following items are offered daily for students to choose from in lieu of the main entrée: salad bar, yogurt or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


October 1-4

Tuesday: Breakfast bites w/ syrup/Turkey and gravy, dressing, pears, rocky road cookie, milk

Wednesday: French toast sticks w/ syrup/Pizza dippers, green beans, applesauce, white cake, milk

Thursday: Peanut butter and jelly bar/Goulash, corn, banana, rice krispie treat, milk

Friday: Long john/Baked potato, spinach, peaches, no bake cookie, milk


October 7-11

Monday: Cereal w/ toast/Mr. Ribb, corn, orange, pudding cup, milk

Tuesday: Breakfast bites w/ syrup/Hamburger on bun, french fries, slaw, strawberries, milk

Wednesday: French toast sticks w/ syrup/Grilled cheese, hominy, fruit cocktail, chocolate chip brownie, milk

Thursday: No School

Friday: No School


October 14-18

National School Lunch Week

Monday: Cereal w/ toast/Pizza, carrots and dip, peaches, ice cream cups, milk (1st Grade Menu)

Tuesday: Breakfast bites w/ syrup/Tacos, lettuce, cheese, oranges, chocolate brownie, milk (2nd Grade Menu)

Wednesday: French toast sticks w/ syrup/Garlic cheese bread w/ marinara sauce, baked beans, celery, apple crisp, milk (Resource Room Menu)

Thursday: Peanut butter and jelly bar/Tenderloin on bun, broccoli and cauliflower w/ dip, mandarin oranges, ice cream sandwich, milk (5th Grade Menu)

Friday: Long john/Mozzarella sticks w/ marinara sauce, green beans, trail mix, cherry delight, milk (Cooks’ Menu)


October  21-25

Monday: Cereal w/ toast/Chicken patty, corn, applesauce, chocolate brownie, milk

Tuesday: Breakfast bites w/ syrup/Nachos, peas, pears, chocolate cake, milk

Wednesday: French toast sticks w/ syrup/Beef nuggets, mashed potatoes and gravy, apple, sugar cookie, milk

Thursday: Peanut butter and jelly bar/Hot dog on bun, green beans, macaroni salad, blueberry cobbler, milk

Friday: Long john/Bologna and cheese sandwich, tater tots, peaches, chocolate chip cookie, milk


October 28-31

Monday: Cereal w/ toast/Macaroni and cheese, corn, oranges, rice krispie treat, milk

Tuesday: Breakfast bites w/ syrup/Beef stroganoff, peas, applesauce, no bake chocolate cookie, milk

Wednesday: French toast sticks w/ syrup/Chili or vegetable soup w/ crackers, cheese, carrot sticks, fruit salad, milk

Thursday: Peanut butter and jelly bar/Corn dog on a finger, slimy green beans, mandarin orange brains, chopped up trail mix surprise, ghost milk


Schedule of Events


ü 5 Marching Band to Culver Stockton Homecoming Parade — 10:00 a.m.

ü 7 Girl Scout Meeting in the Cafeteria — 6:30-8:00 p.m.

ü 8 Hannibal Band Day — 3:00 p.m./6:00 p.m.

ü 10-11 NO SCHOOL — Quincy Conference

ü 10-12 District Softball Tour. at Atlanta — TBA

ü 12 Marching Band to Truman State University Homecoming Parade —9:00 a.m.

ü 14 Busy Bees — 9:00-11:00 a.m.

ü 15 11th Grade PSAT/NMSQT

ü 15 PTS Meeting — Public Communication Monologues and Book Fair — 7:00 p.m.

ü17 Blood Drive in Cafeteria — 2:00-6:00 p.m.

ü 17-18 Green City Junior High Basketball Tournament — TBA

ü 22 First Quarter Ends

ü 22 JH Basketball w/ LaPlata — Here 6:00 p.m.

ü 24 JH Basketball w/ Green City — There  6:00 p.m.

ü 25 JH “B” Basketball w/ Mary Immaculate — Here 6:00 p.m.

ü 26 Marching Band to MU Homecoming Parade — 9:00 a.m.

ü 26 Haunted Hayride

ü 27 Conference Choir Practice at Green City — 1:00-5:00 p.m.

ü 28 Busy Bees Halloween Party — 9:00-11:00 a.m.

ü 28 Conference Choir Tour

            Green City 9:00 a.m.

            Novinger 10:30 a.m.

            LaPlata 1:00 p.m.

ü 28 JH Basketball w/ Atlanta — Here 6:00 p.m.

ü 29 JH Basketball w/ Bevier — Here 6:00 p.m.

ü 30 Early Dismissal —Parent/Teacher Conferences — 12:45 p.m.

ü 31 K-6 Halloween Parties — 2:00-3:00 p.m.