SEPTEMBER 1, 2011 Brashear, Missouri




The Adair County R-II School year began on Tuesday, August 16 for teachers and staff with an in-service beginning at 8:30 a.m.  Classes resumed for students on Wednesday, August 17.  With the new school year, we would like to welcome the following new employees:


Brent Doolin will be our K-12 principal.  Brent received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Education from Buena Vista University and his Master of Education Degree in Secondary Administration from William Woods University.  He was a 9-12 business education teacher at Clark County R-I for seven years.  He comes to us from Atlanta C-3 where he had worked the last four years as their K-12 principal. 


Diane McGinnis has been employed as a 7-12 English teacher.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and her Master of Arts Degree in Education from Truman State University.   


Jared Shulse has been hired to teach K-12 music.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and his Master of Arts Degree in Education from Truman State University.  Some of you may remember Mr. Shulse as he had worked with our students as a piano accompanist.


Anna Nelson has been employed to teach sixth grade.  She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from Buena Vista University.  Mrs. Nelson worked as a paraprofessional for our district during the 2008-2009 school year and completed her student teaching last fall under the supervision of Mrs. Louise Smith.


Tara Stutsman has been hired to teach elementary resource.  Ms. Stutsman received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from Buena Vista University.  She comes to us from Macon R-I where she had been a 6th/7th grade special education teacher for the last two years.


Fran Lambert has been employed as a half time Spanish teacher.  She received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Truman State University.  Mrs. Lambert  is certified in French, English, Spanish and English for Speakers of other Languages.  She brings 25+ years of teaching experience to the classroom along with the personal experience from her travels and studies abroad.


Jill Mason has been hired as our Parents as Teachers educator.  Jill is an August 2011 graduate of Moberly Area Community College with an Associate of Arts Degree and has plans to continue her education toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in either Business or Education.


Amanda Mills has been employed as a first grade paraprofessional.  Amanda is a graduate of BHS and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics from Central Missouri State University.


Lajeana Coin returns to the district as a bus driver.  Lajeana drove a route for us from 1999-2006 and also served as a paraprofessional from 1997-1999.  She left to pursue other interests and has spent the last three years driving for Weber Bus, Inc. in Kirksville.


Tony Keene has been hired to coach our junior high and varsity boys basketball teams.  He received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Business Administration from Fontbonne College in St. Louis.  He is currently owner/operator of Baker Signs & Graphics in Kirksville.


Please join us in welcoming these new employees to our district.




Breakfast each day includes milk and juice.  Students may  choose cereal instead of the breakfast item offered.  The following items are offered daily for students to choose from in lieu of the main lunch entrée:  yogurt or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


September 1-2

Thursday: Cereal, toast or Pop tarts/Sub sandwich, soup, chips, carrot sticks, strawberries, white cake, milk

Friday: Long john, fruit/Pizza, corn, applesauce, jello, no bake cookie, milk


September 5–9

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Biscuits & gravy/Garlic cheese bread, ravioli, green beans, mandarin oranges, cookie, milk

Wednesday: Breakfast burrito/Lasagna bake, garlic bread, cottage cheese, carrot sticks, pears, banana bread, milk

Thursday: Bagel or muffin/Fish, macaroni & cheese, coleslaw, peaches, brownie,  milk

Friday: Breakfast pizza/Stuffed crust pizza, sweet potatoes, applesauce, jello, Oreo® pudding, milk


September 12-16

Monday: Sausage, toast/Hot ham & cheese, chips, baked beans, mandarin oranges, cookie, milk

Tuesday: French toast sticks, syrup/Country fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, peaches, peanut butter bar, milk

Wednesday: Breakfast bites, syrup/Grilled cheese, soup, carrot sticks, strawberries, white cake, milk

Thursday: Biscuit, sausage, egg & cheese/Tater tot casserole, lettuce, mixed vegetables, pineapple, apple crisp,  milk

Friday: Donut, fruit/Pizza, corn, applesauce, jello, no bake cookie, milk


September 19-23

Monday: Biscuits & gravy/ Chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese, peas, mandarin oranges, cookie, milk

Tuesday: Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast/Tenderloin, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, pears, pumpkin bar, milk

Wednesday: Breakfast pizza/Spaghetti, cottage cheese, lima beans, peaches, brownie, milk

Thursday: Cinnamon roll/ Corn dog, tater tots, green beans, pineapple, cheesecake, milk

Friday: Breakfast bites, syrup/Walking taco, lettuce, refried beans, applesauce, ice cream, milk


September 26-30

Monday: Pancakes, syrup, sausage links/Nachos, lettuce, peas, mandarin oranges, cookie, milk

Tuesday: Biscuit, sausage, egg & cheese/Mr. Ribb, mashed potatoes, baked beans, pineapple, cake, milk

Wednesday: Breakfast casserole, toast/Hot pocket, tater tots, green beans, peaches,  milk

Thursday: French toast sticks, syrup/Tacos, lettuce, refried beans, pears, cheesecake, milk

Friday: Biscuits & gravy/Hot dog, fries, chili, applesauce, no bake cookie, milk




If you are homeless and going to school, let the school know about it.  Being homeless and going to school would be hard for any child regardless of age or grade level.  Many things that you normally would not have worried about before become issues, such as transportation, space to do homework and school attendance.  Some families are afraid to let their child’s school know that they are in between places for fear of being judged or, even worse, being reported to DFS.


There are some things you should know about being homeless and going to public school:


There are laws that protect your child’s rights and your rights as a parent to be treated as any other participant of the Adair County R-II School.


The school district has a program to help homeless families with resources to help your child stay on track and can direct you to agencies that can help you during your period of homelessness.


It is your choice to let the school district know that you are homeless.


The school district, like any other agency that mandates reports, must have a reason to call DFS.  Homelessness, depending on the circumstances, is not grounds to make a DFS report.


Homeless students have the right to:

Be enrolled without a birth certificate, immunization record or other required documentation.

Attend the school that he/she attended before the family lost its home.

Be transferred to a school closer to where he/she is staying now.

Get assistance with free transportation to and from school.

Have access to materials such as books and supplies to ensure an equal opportunity to participate in school.

Receive any special services that he/she might need.  These services include:

                        1.         Special education

                        2.         Bilingual services

                        3.         Gifted and talented education services

                        4.         Free lunch and breakfast program

                        5.         Counseling services

                        6.         Before and after school programs

                        7.         Tutoring services                                                      

Attend school free of judgment.

Parents and guardians of homeless children have the right to:

Be involved in your child’s education.

Be notified of and involved in any decision that your child’s school makes regarding his or her social or academic career.

Request a Student Alert team meeting for your child and include people of support. These may be a social worker or counselor from an agency you are working with or someone that has tutored your child at an after school program.


For More Information Contact:

Shelly Shipman, Homeless Coordinator

Adair County R-II School

205 West Dewey Street

Brashear, MO 63533

Telephone (660) 323-5272 ext. 10




The district must ensure that students and/or their guardians are informed about asbestos inspections, reinspections, surveillance, response actions and post-response action activities at least once a year.


The most recent Asbestos Reinspection will be available in the district office for public viewing during business hours.




Rex and Keetha Sykes for their donation of a tree planted in memory of their son, Jeremy, a 1995 graduate of BHS.


Velma Aldridge for her donation of yearbooks to the library.  The following editions were received: 1957 (2), 1958 (2), 1959, 1960, 1962, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1980, 1988, and 1990.


Salt River 4-H for their donations to help beautify our campus.  They planted flowers along the front of our school and also painted the picnic tables and a storage shed at the ballfield.


Don Wilburn, Lonnie and Kim Salter & family, Betty Stephens, Rhonda Fisher, Paula Clarkson, and Lisa Fisher for their donations to help send Jay Scudder to the National Leadership Conference June 28-July 1 in Orlando, Florida.  FBLA would also like to thank all those who purchased Krispy Kreme doughnuts in support of Jay’s travels.


Brashear Community Bible Church for their generous donation to help serve the needs of our students.


Brent and Shirlene Hettinger and Todd and Traci Hill & family for their donations to the scholarship fund in memory of Bonnie Turner.


Adam Bruner, 1992 graduate of BHS, for his donation of a euphonium to the music department.


Don Reynolds, Paul Stuart, Brad Trent, George O’Haver, and Tyson Simmons from Ameren Missouri for donating their time to replace lamps and fixtures at the ball field.  We would also like to thank AmerenMissouri for the use of their boom trucks to complete this task.




Busy Bees is a preschool program for children in our district ages 3-5 years old.  This year Busy Bees will meet on Monday and Tuesday mornings from 8:15-11:15 a.m. in the Parents as Teachers (PAT) classroom. 


Busy Bees will meet for the first time on Tuesday, September 27.  The annual preschool screening will be held on Monday, September 26.  If you have not been contacted for a screening appointment or would like more information about our preschool program, please call Ms. Jill Mason at 323-5272 ext. 33 or e-mail




All students in grades 9-12 not signed into an agreement with the A+ Program need to do so.  Come by the Learning Center anytime and ask for an agreement.  If parents would like one mailed home, just let me know.


To be certified as an A+ student, an individual must do the following:

§          Sign an A+ Student contract.

§          Enter into a written agreement with BHS prior to the last day of the first semester of the senior year.

§          Attend an A+ designated high school for the three consecutive years prior to graduation.

§          Maintain a 95% attendance rate.

§          Earn a 2.5 minimum grade point on a 4.0 scale.

§          Perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring for younger students.

§          Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoid the unlawful use of drugs and alcohol, including tobacco.

§          Make a good faith effort to first secure all available federal post-secondary student financial assistance funds that do not require repayment.

§          Register with Selective Service.


For more information please contact Cheryl Reeves, A+ Coordinator at (660) 323-5272 ext. 15 or email:




Dear Patron,


The goal of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001 is to ensure that all children in this country receive a quality education.  Under NCLB, each state is required to assess all schools to determine if each school has made adequate yearly progress (AYP) toward meeting the academic testing standards and additional measures set by the state.  AYP decisions are based on the results of state testing in communication arts and math and the school’s attendance rate or graduation rate.  If the school has not made AYP for two consecutive years, it is considered “in need of improvement”.


Based on the results of the 2010-2011 academic testing in communication arts and math and the district’s/LEA’s attendance rate and graduation rate, the Adair County R-II Elementary did make adequate yearly progress.  However, Adair County R-II Elementary must make adequate yearly progress for two consecutive years before exiting school improvement status.  The district remains in a delayed status during the 2011-12 school year.  During the 2009-10 school year the Adair County R-II Elementary did not make adequate yearly progress for the following reasons:


1. In grades 3 – 6, MAP scores in the area of Communication Arts did not meet the state minimum level of 67.4% of students in Proficient/Advanced levels.  Our results were 45.9% in overall student population grades 3-6.


2. In grades 3 – 6, MAP scores across the State also did not meet the state minimum level.  The State overall in Communication Arts grades 3 – 6 scored 53.6% of students in Proficient/Advanced levels.


Data is collected on the student population as a whole and also on subgroups within the building.  Subgroups are those groups designated by DESE.  These groups are counted when the group has 30 or more students within that group (Free/Reduced; IEP students; etc.).


Because of this designation, the school is considered to be in Level 1 of School Improvement and must develop a plan for improvement.  One important component of this plan will be parent involvement in both the development and implementation of the plan.


“School Choice” is also an option for those districts with two or more buildings serving the same population of students.  This choice is not available for our district because we only have one elementary building in our district and therefore we are unable to offer public school choice.


We encourage you to become involved with your child’s school to support school improvement.  If you would like to become more involved in your child’s school, please consider the following:  attend student/parent involvement nights, maintain communication with your child’s teacher, and serve on parent/school committees.  Other activities will be planned in accordance to our School Improvement Plan.




Shelly Shipman





Jay Scudder, 2011 graduate of BHS, competed against over 150 students from across the nation and beyond in the National Leadership Conference competitive event, Business Calculations held June 28-July 1, 2011 in Orlando, Florida.  At the Awards of Excellence ceremony that caps the conference, Jay was named as the 9th place finisher in the event.  Jay was also recently named as one of 22 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholars.  The 22 students recognized are the first recipients of this scholarship created by generous grants from GE and the Reagan Foundation to honor Reagan’s 100th birthday.  This program will provide 200 $40,000 scholarships over a 10 year period to students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship.  Jay and his family were flown to Los Angeles for a retreat where they toured the Reagan Library and participated in educational simulations.  His scholarship award was presented at an awards banquet held in the Air Force One display room at the Reagan Library with former California Governor Pete Wilson presenting the keynote address.  Along with his scholarship, Jay was presented with a book personally signed by Nancy Reagan.  Congratulations to Jay for both of these achievements!


Twenty-four junior and senior high students submitted artwork to the NEMO Fair last summer.  Champion winners were Bailey Mihalovich, Meredith Thomas, Jordan Berry, Nick Bradshaw, and Olivia Thompson.  Reserve champion winners were Alexa Acton and Miranda Creason.  Other   exhibitors included Kylie Williams-Blue, White; Bailey Mihalovich–2 Blue; Skylar Housman-Red; Hayden Housman-Blue; Dakota Williams-2 Blue, White; Meredith Thomas-4 Blue; Alexa Acton-2 Blue, 2 Red; Sam Smith-Red; Joey DeSonia-Blue; Luke Morrow-Red; Sidney Sykes-Blue, Red;   T.J. Haskell-Red; Erin Bradshaw-Red, White; Jordan Berry-2 Blue; Joseph Woods-Blue; Kourtney Arnold-Red; Rachel Heimer-Red; Nick Bradshaw-2 Blue, Red; Lilly Tonkinson-Blue; Nicholas   Leedom-Red; Olivia Thompson-Blue; Miranda Creason-Blue, Red; David Walker-Red; and Kelsey Hocker-Red.  Their drawings, paintings, and sculptures made a wonderful display.  Congratulations to art instructor Becky Hazen and her students for a job well done!




A Parent Teacher Club is being organized this school year for any and all parents, students, teachers, community members, and families who would like to support our school.  They will be sponsoring a Trivia Night, a carnival, and more.  A "Birthday/Snack Pantry" is being collected to help celebrate birthdays when a child can't bring a treat, when a child forgets a snack or a class earns a reward.  Any granola bars, fruit snacks, cookies, crackers, etc. are being accepted.  The club plans to meet once a quarter.  Any and all support is welcome.  The club feels there is a need to support our school and we can all make a difference.  If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact Lisa Fisher at 323-5272 ext. 22 or Sara Erwin at 323-4920.




This year students will be able to register to take the ACT test right here at BHS!  We are now considered a national test site.  Students will register for the test as normal and choose our Test Center Code:  239110.  Check out for more information and/or registration materials.




Welcome Back!  It’s that time of the year again!  School has begun and students and teachers alike are getting back into the routine of school.  It’s going to be an exciting year and I am looking forward to the many new challenges and happenings coming up in the 2011-2012 school year.


This was a summer of change for our district. Many new faces filling the spots of employees who because of retirement, family relocation, or new jobs have left our district.  We are wishing only the best for those friends who have decided to leave our district and wholeheartedly welcome our new friends.  It will be a GREAT year for everyone!


If you have any questions, concerns, or issues you would like to bring to my attention, please contact me at (660) 323-5272 ext. 10 or


“Life is not measured by the number of

breaths we take, but by the moments that

take our breath away!”




All responsible public agencies are required to locate, evaluate, and identify children with disabilities who are under the jurisdiction of the agency, regardless of the severity of the disability, including children attending private schools, children who live outside the district but are attending a private school within the district, highly mobile children, such as migrant and homeless children, and children who are wards of the state, and children who are suspected of having a disability and in need of special education even though they are advancing from grade to grade.  The Adair County R-II School District assures that it will provide a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) to all eligible children with disabilities between the ages of 3 and 21 under its jurisdiction.  Disabilities include autism, deaf/blindness, emotional disorders, hearing impairment and deafness, mental retardation/intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairment, other health impairments, specific learning disabilities, speech or language impairment, traumatic brain injury, visual impairment/blindness and young child with a developmental delay.


The Adair County R-II School District assures that it will provide information and referral services necessary to assist the State in the implementation of early intervention services for infants and toddlers eligible for the Missouri First Steps program.


The Adair County R-II School District assures that personally identifiable information collected, used, or maintained by the agency for the purposes of identification, evaluation, placement or provision of FAPE of children with disabilities may be inspected and/or reviewed by their parents/guardians.  Parents/guardians may request amendment to the educational record if the parent/guardian believes the record is inaccurate, misleading, or violates the privacy or other rights of their child.  Parents have the right to file complaints with the U.S. Department of Education or the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education concerning alleged failures by the district to meet the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


The Adair County R-II School District has developed a Local Compliance Plan for the implementation of State Regulations for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  This plan contains the agency’s policies and procedures regarding storage, disclosure to third parties, retention and destruction of personally identifiable information and the agency’s assurances that services are provided in compliance with the General Education Provision Act (GEPA).  This plan may be reviewed during regular school hours on days school is in session in the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.


This notice will be provided in native languages as appropriate.














































1 BB/SB w/ Macon County—Here 5:00 p.m.

2 V/JV Baseball w/ LaPlata—Here 5:00 p.m.

3 Knox County Softball Tournament—There TBA

5 No School—Labor Day

6 BB/SB w/ Novinger—Here 5:00 p.m.

8 V/JV Softball w/ Canton—There 5:00 p.m.

9 Grandparents Eat w/ 1st Grade—Here 12:10 p.m.

9 Kindergarten Grandparent Gathering—Here 2:15 p.m.

9 BB/SB w/ LaPlata—Here 5:00 p.m.

11 Patriot Day

13 SB/BB w/ Atlanta—There 5:00 p.m.

14-16 OLSAT 8 for Grades 2 & 7—Here TBA

16 Early Dismissal—Teacher In-service—1:03  p.m.

16 SB/BB w/ Green City—There 5:00 p.m.

17 Citizenship Day

19 V/JV SB w/ Marion County—There 5:00 p.m.

20 All School/Senior Picture Day—Preschool at 8:00    a.m.

20 BB/SB w/ Bucklin—Here 5:00 p.m.

Senior Recognition Night


Patrons please note that the boys baseball team

will be playing first followed by the girls softball

team for all remaining home contests.


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