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American Legion Field, Milan MO

September 10th, 2022

Our Eighth Annual Milan Fastpitch Tournament will be held on Saturday, September 10th starting at 9:00 am at the American Legion Field.This year we will have 5 teams participating with 1st and 3rd place games following pool play. Milan, Grundy Co/Newtown Co-Op, Novinger, Brashear and Norborne/Tina Avalon/SW Co-Op will be the teams competing. The Pool Play schedule was set-up randomly to minimize down-time, make sure no teams had to play 3 games in a row and guarantee all the teams at least 2 games (and 3 total games for 4 teams). Overall Record, Common Opponent Results and then the Pool Play Tiebreakers will determine the 1st and 3rd Place Matchups. The 5th Place Team will not play a 3rd Game this year. After the 3 PM game is completed - the field will be prepped for the Championship Round.

Pool Play Tiebreaker Rules

1) Runs Allowed††††† 2) Runs Scored††††††† 3) Coin Flip


Game Times

3rd base dugout

1st base dugout

Umpires (To Be Announced)

9:00 am


Grundy Co/Newtown 2



10:30 am


Grundy Co/Newtown 7



12:00 pm

Brashear 11

Norborne/Tina/SW 2



1:30 pm

Brashear 15

Novinger 4



3:00 pm

Milan 7

†† Norborne/Tina/SW 5



5:00 pm

1st Place Pool


2nd Place Pool




6:30 pm

3rd Place Pool

Grundy Co/Newtown

†† 4th Place Pool





Tournament Rules: Teams should be ready to take the field as soon as the previous games are over.You can use warm up areas to get your team ready.Please do not hit or do soft-toss into the fences.A batting cage is available (no metal spikes allowed) and our little field is also for warm up prior to other games.


*We will have a coin flip at the beginning of each game to determine the home team.

*Each team will need to provide two new optic yellow game balls prior to the start of each game.

*The home team scorekeeper will keep the official scorebook.

*Entry fee is $100.00 per team.Please bring it with you the day of the tournament or mail prior to the tourney.

*There will be a 10 run rule after 4 innings.Games will have a 1 hour and 15 minute time limit.

*We will use International Tie Breaker Rules if the game is still tied after completion of the inning after the 1 hour 15 minute time limit has expired.

*Bus parking will be in the far corner by the batting cage.


Admission:Adults = $4.00 Students = $3.00†††† Senior Citizens 65+ and Children PreK or younger = FREE

(No Visitor Passes will be honored. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED AT AMERICAN LEGION FIELD.)


Parking: There will be parking available along the 3rd base-side of the field and gravel road behind the outfield fence. Parking is not available by the Small Field (except buses) to leave room for teams between games.


Bleachers/Chairs: There are bleachers available on both sides of the field for the teams playing. We ask that fans clear out between games for the fans of the teams playing. They can go near the small field or beyond the outfield fence while waiting for their teamís next game. There are also plenty of spots for people to bring chairs.


Concessions: Many Concession Stand Items will be available for purchase to benefit Milan FBLA.


If you have any questions, please contact:††††

Mr. Tyler Clark††††† or††† Coach Kyley Doak