FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                                                      Policy 7110

Facilities Planning and Design

Educational Specifications

To ensure that all new and remodeled facilities are designed to best implement the educational program of the School District, the Superintendent will provide for the development of detailed educational specifications to apply to the design and construction of new or remodeled buildings. The preparation of educational specifications will serve the following purposes.

1.         Clarify and consolidate the thinking of the staff, administration, Board and community

            on the needs, desires and objectives of educational programs to be conducted within the

            proposed new or remodeled building.

2.         Organize important information in a manner that can be easily and clearly interpreted by

            an architect.

When educational specifications are prepared, an introductory section will be devoted to a brief description of the community, enrollment trends, and the educational philosophy of the District. Educational specifications are detailed descriptions of the following items:

1.         Activities that will take place in the building.

2.         Organization of instruction and curriculum to be housed in the building.

3.         Specific architectural characteristics desired.

4.         Facilities needed, equipment required and space relationship to other facility elements.

5.         Pertinent budget and other governing factors.

The persons involved in developing educational specifications should include: the Board, which adopts policies, approves final specifications, employs the architect and provides the budget; the Superintendent, who provides administrative leadership, interpretation and evaluation; principals, staff members, students and patrons, who utilize the facilities; and the architect, who develops architectural plans for the facility.


Consultants may be used in the development of educational specifications when deemed necessary by the Superintendent and the Board.  Jan. 2003


FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                              Policy 7120 (Regulation 7120)

Facilities Planning and Design


Procurement of Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors


The School District may need to engage the services of an architect, engineer, or land surveyor when capital improvement or other District needs arise. The District recognizes that hiring architects, engineers, or land surveyors who have performed acceptable work for the District in the past promotes continuity, efficiency, and quality. The District also recognizes that a construction contractor retained by the District may wish to work with a particular architect, engineer, or land surveyor with whom it has a solid working relationship. The District will observe the procedures as outlined in Regulation 7120 when selecting architectural, engineering, or land surveying services.


Under this policy, the terms architect, land surveyor, and professional include, but are not limited to, any individual, firm, partnership, corporation or other entity providing architectural, engineering, or land surveying services.  Jan. 2003


FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                              Policy 7130      (Regulation 7130)

Facilities Planning and Design

Construction Manager Selection

The Board of Education may desire to engage the services of a construction manager when planning, designing, improving, altering, repairing, or constructing a building or structure.  The District recognizes the need to enter into contracts with qualified construction managers at a price the District considers to be fair and reasonable.  It shall be the formal policy of this District to observe the procedures set forth in its administrative regulations when the District determines that construction management services are needed.

Jan. 2003


FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                            Policy 7131 (Regulation 7131)

Facilities Planning and Design

Design – Build Selection

Where appropriate the District may utilize a design-build method for construction of a specific project. Under this method of construction, a construction entity provides architectural, engineering, labor, material, supplies and equipment related to the construction itself.  If the Board chooses a design-build method, the procedures of Regulation 7131 shall be followed.

August 2016, Copyright © 2016 Missouri Consultants for Education


FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                            Policy 7132 (Regulation 7132)

Facilities Planning and Design

Selection of Construction Manager At Risk

Among several construction methods available to the District is the Construction Manager at Risk method.  This method will only be considered for projects when the cost is in excess of three million dollars.  As opposed to the traditional construction manager method, a “construction manager at risk” assumes the risk for the construction project at a contracted price.  In essence, under this method, the construction manager serves as a general contractor and as a consultant to the District regarding all phases of construction during and after the design of the project.  If the cost of project exceeds the contract price, the construction manager at risk is responsible for the excess cost.  Conversely, where the actual project cost is less than the contract price, the construction manager at risk receives the difference. 


The District will evaluate each construction project to determine which construction method will be used. 

August 2016, Copyright © 2016 Missouri Consultants for Education


FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                                                                Policy 7210

Facilities Construction

Construction Contracts, Bidding and Awards


All facilities construction projects which exceed an expenditure of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) shall be advertised once a week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation located in the city or county in which the District is located. In addition to the city or county newspaper, the District may also advertise in business, trade or minority newspapers. Competitive bids shall be solicited according to state law only after the plans and specifications have been approved by the Board of Education. In order to protect the Board, each bidder will be required to submit, with his bid, a bidder's bond in an amount determined by the estimated cost of the project.

The construction contract shall be awarded to the best bidder whose bid is in accordance with the Board approved plans and specifications and has provided the required security. The Board reserves the right to waive any informalities in, or reject any or all bids or any part of any bid. No bid for the construction, alteration, or repair of any building shall be accepted if it does not conform to the Board approved plans and specifications. Notwithstanding Board policies and regulations providing for construction manager and design build methods, the District may elect to proceed with the traditional method set out in this policy.

Whenever two or more proposals or bids of equal amount are the lowest proposals submitted by reasonable bidders pursuant to the advertisement of bids, the Board of Education may award the contract to any one of the bidders as determined by exercise of discretion.

The contractor shall receive monthly payments for the work completed, less a percentage to be determined to ensure completion. The contractor will be required to submit a performance bond and a material and labor bond to the satisfaction of the Board. The final payment shall be made only after acceptance of the project by the Board of Education and completion of the items to be corrected. Lien waivers shall be provided by the contractor and his subcontractors and suppliers.

All pay requests by the contractor shall be approved by the architect prior to submission to the Board of Education for payment.

August 2019



FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                                                Policy 7215

Facilities Construction

Construction Cooperative Projects with Municipals

The Board of Education may enter into an agreement with the County in which the District is located, or with a city, town, or village, wholly or partially, for specific construction projects. Such projects may include acquisition, construction, improvement, extension, repair, remodeling, renovation and financing of sites, buildings, facilities, furnishings and equipment for use of the school district for educational purposes.

Such agreements may provide for the present or future acquisition of an ownership interest in such facilities by the District by means of lease, lease purchase, option to purchase or similar arrangements. In addition, the agreement may provide for a joint venture with the municipal authority to share the costs of acquisition, construction, repair, maintenance and operation of such facilities.

The District may wholly own such facilities or may acquire a partial interest along with an eligible municipal entity with which the agreement was executed.

October 2009


FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                                                      Policy 7220

Facilities Construction

Board Inspection and Acceptance

The Board of Education shall withhold the acceptance of new construction until all details are complete and the buildings are certified complete by the Superintendent of Schools in consultation with the architect.

Jan. 2003


FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                                                                     Policy 7230

Facilities Construction

Prevailing Wage

The District will comply with the provisions of Missouri’s Prevailing Wage Law Chapter 290. However, for District construction projects where either the engineer’s estimate or the bid for the total project accepted by the Board is Seventy-five Thousand Dollars ($75,000) or less, prevailing wage requirements will not be required.  In calculating whether the bid amount or engineer’s estimate is Seventy-five Thousand Dollars ($75,000) or less, the total cost of the project will control.

August 2018


FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                                                      Policy 7300

Site/Facilities Retirement

Certain school buildings may no longer be adequate for instructional purposes and should be used to benefit the School District or public in other ways. In determining when a facility is to be retired from regular school purposes, the Board will be guided by a combination of factors, to include:

1.         Review of the in‑depth demographic studies and population groupings.

2.         Age and current physical condition of the building, its operating systems and program facilities.

3.         Adequacy of site, location, accessibility, surrounding development, traffic patterns, and other

environmental conditions.

4.         Reassignment of children, including alternative plans, according to Board policy.

5.         Transportation factors including number of children bused, time, distance and safety.

6.         Alternate uses of the building.

7.         Costs/savings

            a.         Personnel        

b.         Plant operation

c.         Transportation

d.         Capital investment

e.         Alternate use

If the Board determines to close a school, it will first consider other uses that the School District might make of the building; then it will consider its sale.  Sale or lease of any District facility will be conducted as set forth in Regulation 3380 – Sale/Lease of Real Property.

The historic value of any building will also be considered by the Board. It may take special action to provide for a building's preservation.  Jan. 2003