Of the


November 15, 2017

Brashear High School Library

Regular Meeting—6:00 p.m.



I.                    Preliminary Matters

A.      Call to Order by President, Jim Reeves

B.      Roll Call by Secretary, Keith Turner

C.      Adoption of  Agenda


II.                Reports

A.      Federal Programs – Shelly Shipman


III.               Consent Agenda

A.      Review and Approval of Minutes

B.      Review and Payment of Bills

C.      Approve April 3, 2018 for Board of Education Election to fill 2 Vacancies

D.      Approve Additions to Substitute Teacher List –  M. Reeves & L. Duncan

E.       Approve Buy Back of Unused Sick Days


IV.                Financial Report

A.      Comparison of Expenses Report


V.                  Old Business

A.      Storm Damage Report


VI.                New Business

A.      Bus Routes – Snow Routes

B.      Approve MARE Policy and Regulation Updates.  Policy: 2760. Regulations: 2260 and 2760. 


VII.             Administrative Reports

A.      Building Principal

B.      Superintendent Report


VIII.           Motion to Adjourn


IX.                Move to Closed Session – Closed Meeting, Closed Vote & Record to Consider

A.      Review and Approval of Executive Minutes

B.      Discuss Student Issues

C.      Discuss Personnel Needs


X.                  Motion to Adjourn



Adair County R-II School District believes that in a democratic society, education must help the students realize their worth as individuals and should lead them toward becoming productive members of society.