Of the


January 17, 2018

Brashear High School Library

Regular Meeting 6:00 p.m.



I.                    Preliminary Matters

A.      Call to Order by President, James Reeves

B.      Roll Call by Secretary, Keith Turner

C.      Adoption of Agenda


II.                  Reports

A.      Student Activities Chris Prewitt


III.               Consent Agenda

A.      Review and Approval of Minutes

B.      Review and Payment of Bills

C.      Approve Fieldtrip Requests

D.      Approve Knox County Coop Middle School Athletics Agreement


IV.                Financial Report

A.      Monthly Comparison Report

B.      Combined Revenue and Expenditure Report


V.                  Old Business


VI.                New Business

A.      Approve Summer Dead Period as July 28, 2018 August 5, 2018 as per MSHSAA By-Law 1.5

B.      Approve MARE Policy and Regulation Updates. Policies: 1300; 2260; and 2760. Regulations: 1300; 2260; 2673; 2760; 6145; and 6250

C.      Approve The Deletion Of The Following MARE Policies and Regulations. Policies/Regulations:1310; 2130; 4810; and 6273.


VII.             Administrative Reports

A.      Building Principal

B.      Superintendent


VIII.           Motion to Adjourn


IX.                Move to Closed Session Closed Meeting, Closed Vote & Record to Consider

A.      Review and Approval of Executive Minutes

B.      Discuss Personnel Needs

C.      Discuss Student Needs

D.      Superintendent Evaluation

E.       Approve Superintendent Contract


X.                  Motion to Adjourn


Adair County R-II School District believes that in a democratic society, education must help the students realize their worth as individuals and

should lead them toward becoming productive members of society.