Ok, you need help on your kid's school.

If you are homeless and going to school, let the school know about it.

Being homeless and going to school would be hard for any child regardless of age or grade level. Many things that you normally would not have worried about before become issues, such as transportation, space to do homework and school attendance. Some families are afraid to let their child's school know that they are in between places for fear of being judged or, even worse, being reported to DFS.

There are some things you should know about being homeless and going to public school:

- There are laws that protect your child's rights and your rights as a parent to be treated as any other participant of the Adair County R-II School

- The school district has a program to help homeless families with resources to help your child stay on track and can direct you to agencies that can help you during your period of homelessness.

- It is your choice to let the school district know that you are homeless.

- The school district, like any other agency that mandates reports, must have a reason to call DFS. Homelessness, depending on the circumstances, is not grounds to make a DFS report.

Homeless students have the right to:

- Be enrolled without a birth certificate, immunization record or other required documentation.

- Attend the school that he/she attended before the family lost its home

- Be transferred to a school closer to where he/she is staying now.

- Get assistance with free transportation to and from school.

- Have access to materials such as books and supplies to ensure an equal opportunity to participate in school.

- Receive any special services that he/she might need.

These services include:

1. Special education

2. Bilingual services

3. Gifted and talented education services

4. Free lunch and breakfast program

5. Counseling services

6. Before and after school programs

7. Tutoring services

- Attend school free of judgment

Parents and guardians of homeless children have the right to:

- Be involved in your child's education

- Be notified of and involved in any decision that your child's school makes regarding his or her social or academic career.

- Request a Student Alert team meeting for your child and include people of support. These may be a social worker or counselor from an agency you are working with or someone that has tutored your child at an after school program.


For More Information Contact: Josh Brummitt, Homeless Coordinator,

Adair County R-II School, 205 West Dewey, Brashear, MO 63533

Telephone 660-323-5272


Complaint Resolution

Any homeless student or their parent/guardian may file a complaint regarding placement or access to educational programs by submitting a written complaint to the Coordinator of Homeless Programs. If the coordinator is unable to resolve the complaint within five (5) school days, unresolved complaints will be forwarded to the Superintendent who will meet with the complainant upon request. Within five (5) school days of this meeting or within five (5) school days of rejection of such meeting, the Superintendent will prepare and forward a written decision. Thereafter, the complainant may appeal to the Board of Education within five (5) school days of receipt of the Superintendent's decision. Thereafter, the complainant may forward the complaint to DESE's Director of Federal Grants.