Christmas Webpages
-Has many options you can read x-mas stories, find out the history of x-mas, play games and puzzles on x-mas, recipes for x-mas food, read jokes on x-mas, and see pictures and art on x-mas!!!!!
-hear songs and stories about christmas
-kids can send a letter to santa claus and he will answer it
-kids can do all sorts of things. write santa, call, go to a x-mas workshop,go to elf school, anything.
- games and everything on x-mas
great place for kids, has greeting cards, art, games, jokes, stories, crafts everything
the usuall games, stories, music the works
-Play games such as: find the singing santa, puzzle games, tic tac toe, and many others
choose what you want to do, many things to choose from
print out pages to color, many to choose from
-buy christmas items such as:pottery, ornaments
-buy christmas items
-how different countrys celebrate christmas
-send letters to santa
-fun and games/northpole weather readings
-naughty or nice ratting chart -patterns and designs for wooden crafts about christmas
- activities for x-mas, crafts, games
-a quiz on your christmas knowledge!!!
-this site lets you choose your country that you are from and then you can do a little of everything