Breakfast each day includes fruit, juice and milk. Students may choose cereal instead of the breakfast item offered. The following items are offered daily for students to choose from in lieu of the lunch entrée: yogurt or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


March 1-3

Wednesday: Bacon, eggs/Spaghetti, bread stick, cottage cheese, green beans, peaches, milk

Thursday: Cinnamon roll/Hamburger Helper™, peas, mandarin oranges, milk

Friday: Biscuit & gravy/Nacho pie, corn, carrots, milk


March 7-10

Tuesday: Strudel/Hamburger, fries, green beans, pears, milk

Wednesday: Muffin/Chicken & stuffing casserole, corn, mandarin oranges, milk

Thursday: Pancake sausage bites, syrup/Hot Pockets®, fries, peas, tropical fruit, milk

Friday: Biscuit & gravy/Chicken patty, chips, carrots, peaches, milk


March 14-17

Tuesday: Pancake sausage sandwich/Tenderloin on bun, tater tots, corn, mixed fruit, milk

Wednesday: French toast sticks, syrup/Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, pears, milk

Thursday: Pancake, syrup, hash browns/General Tso’s chicken, rice, peas, mandarin oranges, milk

Friday: Biscuit & gravy/Hot ham & cheese sandwich, carrots, applesauce, milk


March 21-24

Tuesday: Breakfast pizza/Chicken biscuit casserole, peas, peaches, milk

Wednesday: Donut/Walking taco, corn, mandarin oranges, milk

Thursday: Strudel/Grilled chicken on bun, chips, baked beans, mixed fruit, milk

Friday: Biscuit & gravy/Garlic cheese bread, ravioli, cottage cheese, green beans, pears, milk


March 28-31

Tuesday: Sausage, egg, cheese biscuit/Chicken & noodles, mashed potatoes, peas, pears, milk

Wednesday: Egg omelet, toast/Pizza, carrots, pears, milk

Thursday: Pancake sausage corn dog/Chicken strips, cheesy hash brown potatoes, green beans, mixed fruit, milk

Friday: Biscuit & gravy/Country fried steak, party potatoes, corn, pineapple, milk